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Donna Gonzalez

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Donna Gonzalez has the title of Office Manager—but that title doesn’t begin to convey her significant role in the firm. Donna is the firm trainer, manager, organizer, and motivator. As Milton’s wife, Zoi’s and Madison’s mother, and Kyle’s mother-in-law, she keeps the family organized and motivated too.

Donna and Milton married in 1972. They started their family in Gilroy. Donna supported Milton while he attended UCSC and law school, holding a number of different jobs with progressive responsibilities, all of which contributed to her management insight and skills.

In 1973, Donna worked on the conveyor belt at Christopher Ranch, a local business, where she peeled garlic and weighed peppers. She then worked at Gilroy Foods in the department responsible for weight control of crops. Next, Donna learned bookkeeping while working at Gilroy Electric. She was a PBS board operator at Gavilan College and worked in the Financial Aid Office at UCSC.

All of her work experience provided Donna with exceptional management and business skills. In 1981, Milton and Donna opened their own business: Milton F. Gonzalez, Attorney at Law.

Donna hasn’t just been running the office all these years. As she and Milton raised their family, she influenced Zoi to go to law school and taught Madison how the business runs. Today, Donna still oversees the office and now takes great pride in having her family participating in the business that she and Milton built. Donna spends her days working alongside her husband and children, doing what she does best—keeping everyone organized and everything running smoothly. Life doesn’t get any better than that!