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Kyle Jones

Phone: (408) 848-2208
Fax: (408) 847-8229

Kyle Jones is the firm's IT Director. He works behind the scenes to keep everything and everyone up and running, so the lawyers and staff can focus on serving clients. Kyle has been instrumental in bringing the office technology up to date by implementing the new case management system.

A native of Texas, Kyle is married to firm partner Zoi. He is a former U.S. Marine. Kyle was deployed to Afghanistan and served three tours there.

Kyle and Zoi met when Kyle was in the military and stationed in San Diego, where Zoi was attending law school. They married while Zoi was still in school. Kyle supported Zoi through law school and the bar exam. They joined the firm at the same time after Zoi passed the bar. Kyle currently is working on his B.S. in Computer Science at American Military University.

Kyle loves working on the ranch where he and Zoi live. Together, they love to camp, boat, and go horseback riding.